Congratulations on launching a new revenue product.
Now what?

Keep your team on task while your new data product is fed and nurtured.

Managing Your Revenue Products

Keeping your thumb on the moving parts of pivotal data product can be stressful and all-consuming. Backed by our experts and Data Innovation Factory, you can focus your energy on managing the transformation of your business. Get ready to delegate.

Managed Services For Your Data Product.

Portfolio Management

Effortlessly identify where to channel your capital investments and which product delivered the best ROI. Our portfolio managers use an exhaustive set of criteria to prioritize and continuously re-balance your product portfolio based on new inputs. Why weigh the viability of countless possible products when you can focus on a proven standout?

Product Lifecycle

Secure a place in the new economy for your business by leveraging the resource power of our Data Innovation Factory. From prototype to production and beyond, think of us as your outsourced partner working tirelessly to deliver on your business objectives by bringing a new set of data products to market.

Data Supply Chain

Stay ahead of the continuous innovation curve without having to manage the full cost, complexity and rapid pace of change in technology. We constantly evaluate new suppliers of technology, data, and services in order to update or replace outdated resources. That’s three less things for you to worry about.

Case study

The Changing
Nature of Compliance

A decade of massive, costly, multi-sector data breaches has brought a wave of regulations that, in favor of consumers, levy substantial fines on uncompliant companies. In addition, major cyber insurance carriers created a sector adjustment score based on industries who are carrying the most risk for consumers.

We took these inputs into account when building our Data Risk product. We started by overlaying the compliance rules from common regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA, to name a few. For our data risk product to project an accurate net exposure in the event of a breach, we set out to give companies the ability to personalize the compliance settings and fine-tune the risk implications. Using our finished Data Risk product, analysts apply the client-appropriate rules and sector scoring to provide the highest degree of net exposure projection.
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Consider the rest of our Data Innovation Factory.


Lead your business forward guided by our design team’s focus on the possibilities that data brings to driving strategy and user experience in product delivery. Our multi-discipline team helps you extract value from your data with a custom set of insights, laying the foundation for your data innovation roadmap, rapid prototypes, and data experiences.

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Meet the demands of a new economy with scalable data products rigorously tested—prototype to production—by our development teams. Whether you’re objective is feature engineering, data supply integration or automated optimization of machine learning models, our experts are ready to roll up their sleeves.

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Grow revenue, increase adoption and remain nimble on the way to achieving your business objectives. Whether you’re launching an internal product or a new venture, you have an invaluable partner in our decades of experience scaling businesses and technology platforms.

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