The Data Innovation Factory
to help you compete today and tomorrow.

Exploring, launching and scaling data products from prototype to production.
Welcome to the factory of tomorrow.

When you can’t outspend the competition, outsmart them.

Mid-market businesses across the marketplace are getting the squeeze. Upward pressure from start-ups to be quicker and more nimble is rapidly increasing, while downward pressure from cash-rich giants continues to mount. A go-it-alone approach, the preferred method for protecting the market position and intellectual property for decades, is no longer viable.

Trovo's Data Innovation Factory lets you avoid the cost of investing in the hiring of data scientists and the platforms required to manage and scale machine learning models.

Innovation Ecosystem

We are constantly evaluating the latest research, consulting partners, Auto ML platforms, Data Exchanges, and early-stage startups to ensure our factory is powered by the most efficient suppliers possible.

A scalable process
for products of all sizes

A factory that can handle
infinite possibilities


Lead your business forward guided by our design team’s focus on the possibilities that data brings to driving strategy and user experience in product delivery. Our multi-discipline team helps you extract value from your data with a custom set of insights, laying the foundation for your data innovation roadmap, rapid prototypes, and data experiences.


Meet the demands of a new economy with scalable data products rigorously tested—prototype to production—by our development teams. Whether you’re objective is feature engineering, data supply integration or automated optimization of machine learning models, our experts are ready to roll up their sleeves.


Allow your internal teams to focus on driving growth by ensuring your data product has maximum uptime. Once a data product is launched, most companies don’t have the resources to consistently optimize models, enhance data and measure efficacy. That’s where our Data Innovation Factory provides a turnkey solution for managing the transformation of your business.


Grow revenue, increase adoption and remain nimble on the way to achieving your business objectives. Whether you’re launching an internal product or a new venture, you have an invaluable partner in our decades of experience scaling businesses and technology platforms.